Bonus Section: Lightning guides

Lightning clients

  • Core Lightning (CLN) - An alternative lightning client to LND or if you want to run a Core Lightning node alongside your LND node.



  • Circuit Breaker - a lightning firewall to protect your node against HTLC flooding attacks


  • AmbossPing - easy to use script to send heartbeat pings to the monitoring service

Dashboards & Wallets


  • lntop - lntop is an interactive text-mode channels viewer for Unix systems
  • lnbalance - a simple node balances viewer
  • lnchannels - a simple channels viewer

GUI - Desktop

  • Zap - a cross platform Lightning Network wallet focused on user experience and ease of use

GUI - Mobile

  • Zap (iOS) - a neat interface to manage peers & channels, make payments and create invoices

GUI, API - Web

  • LNBits - a lightning wallet/accounts system
  • LNDg - a simple web GUI for power users to automate the management of routing nodes
  • ThunderHub - a browser interface to manage all parts of your LN node like forwarding fees, channel opening/closing, usage of lnurl and much more.

Liquidity management

  • Balance of Satoshis - a tool to rebalance your channels and set up a LN node monitoring Telegram bot
  • Lightning Terminal - a browser-based GUI for managing channel liquidity with Loop and Pool
  • rebalance-lnd - a simple script to manage your channel liquidity by doing circular rebalancing
  • CLBoss - an automated node management tool for CLN
  • regolancer - light, quick and efficient LND rebalancer written in Go

Fee management

  • charge-lnd - a simple policy-based fee manager for LND

Hybrid Mode - Clearnet over VPN

  • Tunnel⚡️Sats - enable hybrid mode: Tor and clearnet over VPN (paid service)

Even more Extras

RaspiBolt Extras by Rob Clark

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