Bonus guide: CLBoss

CLBoss is an automated manager for CLN nodes. It’s capable of automatically opening channels to useful nodes, acquiring inbound capacity through boltz swaps, rebalancing existing channels and setting competitive forwarding fees. Read more about it here.

Difficulty: Easy

Status: Tested v3

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Installation
  4. Dependencies
  5. Compilation
  6. Configuration
  7. Restart Service


CLBoss - an automated CLN node management tool. This guide shows how to install and setup an existing CLN node with CLBoss plugin.


  • CLN


We will download, install and setup CLBoss on your RaspiBolt CLN node. CLBoss is a plugin that we will place into /data/lightningd-plugins-available/ and load via CLN’s configuration file.


  • As “admin”, install required dependencies to compile CLBoss’s source code.

    $ sudo apt install -y build-essential pkg-config libev-dev \
                        libcurl4-gnutls-dev libsqlite3-dev dnsutils
  • Switch back to user “lightningd”.

    $ sudo su - lightningd
  • Download latest version and untar it to CLN’s plugin folder /data/lightningd-plugins-available.

    $ cd /data/lightningd-plugins-available
    $ wget
    $ tar xfv clboss-0.12.tar.gz
    $ cd clboss-0.12


  • Compile it.

    $ ./configure
    $ make


  • Add the plugin to CLN config.

    $ nano /data/lightningd/config
  • Append this line to end of file:


Restart Service

  • As “admin”, reload CLN configuration by restarting the service:

    $ sudo systemctl restart lightningd.service
  • Check if it’s running.

    $ sudo tail -f /data/lightningd/cl.log
  • It should output log entry infos like these:

    INFO    plugin-clboss: clboss 0.12
    INFO    plugin-clboss: ChannelFeeManager: zerobasefee: allow
    INFO    plugin-clboss: New block at xxxxxx
    INFO    plugin-clboss: Started.

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