Bonus guide: Use lncli on a different computer

Difficulty: Easy

Status: Not tested v3

Table of contents

  1. RaspiBolt
  2. Windows PC
  3. A word on Permisson Files (Macaroons)

It is possible to run lnd on the RaspiBolt, and lncli on a different computer. The instructions below explain how to install lncli on a Windows PC and communicate with the RaspiBolt. Instructions for different computer systems (MAC, Linux, …) will be very similar.

In these instructions, it is assumed the lncli computer is on the same LAN as the RaspiBolt. It is possible for the lncli computer to be outside the local LAN but that introduces additional security risks and will not be included in this guide.


  • Login as admin

  • Allow port 10009 in the firewall

admin ~  ฿  sudo su
root@RaspiBolt:/home/admin#  ufw allow from to any port  10009 comment 'allow lnd rpc from Local LAN'
root@RaspiBolt:/home/admin#  ufw status
root@RaspiBolt:/home/admin#  exit
  • Add one new line in the [Application Options] section of lnd.conf to allow rpc from more than just the default localhost admin ~ ฿ sudo nano /home/bitcoin/.lnd/lnd.conf
[Application Options]
  • Temporarily allow admin.macaroon to be copied admin ~ ฿ sudo chmod 777 /home/bitcoin/.lnd/admin.macaroon

Windows PC

  • Use your browser to visit

  • Download the file for your OS. For Windows10 it will generally be

  • Open the compressed file and extract the lncli application (e.g. lncli.exe) to your desktop. Zip File

  • Open a CMD window Press Win+R, enter cmd, then press Enter

  • Change to the directory where you saved lncli.exe, and view the help information

> cd %USERPROFILE%\desktop
> lncli
   --rpcserver value        host:port of ln daemon (default: "localhost:10009")
   --lnddir value           path to lnd's base directory (default: "C:\\Users\\xxxx\\AppData\\Local\\Lnd")
   --tlscertpath value      path to TLS certificate (default: "C:\\Users\\xxxx\\AppData\\Local\\Lnd\\tls.cert")
   --no-macaroons           disable macaroon authentication
   --macaroonpath value     path to macaroon file (default: "C:\\Users\\xxx\\AppData\\Local\\Lnd\\admin.macaroon")
   --macaroontimeout value  anti-replay macaroon validity time in seconds (default: 60)
   --macaroonip value       if set, lock macaroon to specific IP address
   --help, -h               show help
   --version, -v            print the version
  • Take note of the default (base) directory

  • Make the necessary default directory > mkdir %LOCALAPPDATA%\Lnd
  • Use WinSCP to copy the files shown
    • Local: \Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Lnd
    • Remote: /home/bitcoin/.lnd/
    • Files: See below

Files to Copy

  • Back on the RaspiBolt: Reset admin.macaroon permissions admin ~ ฿ sudo chmod 600 /home/bitcoin/.lnd/admin.macaroon

  • Run lncli on the PC

    > cd %USERPROFILE%\desktop
    > lncli  --rpcserver ip.of.your.raspibolt:10009  getinfo

A word on Permisson Files (Macaroons)

By default, lncli will load admin.macaroon and hence have full privileges. To limit what the lncli computer can do you can delete unneeded macaroon files and start lncli specifying the approprate macaroon.


>lncli  --macaroonpath %LOCALAPPDATA%\Lnd\readonly.macaroon --rpcserver ip.of.your.raspibolt:10009  addinvoice --amt=100
[lncli] rpc error: code = Unknown desc = permission denied

The table below shows which commands are permitted by each macaroon

  • ? = Not checked
  • n = Not Checked, presumed No
  • No = No (checked, v0.4.1)
  • Yes = Yes (checked, v0.4.1)
Command admin readonly invoice
create Yes n No
unlock Yes Yes Yes
newaddress Yes No Yes
sendmany Yes n n
sendcoins Yes n n
connect Yes n No
disconnect Yes n No
openchannel Yes n No
closechannel Yes n No
closeallchannels Yes n No
listpeers Yes Yes No
walletbalance Yes Yes No
channelbalance Yes Yes No
getinfo Yes Yes No
pendingchannels Yes Yes No
sendpayment Yes n No
payinvoice Yes n No
addinvoice Yes No Yes
lookupinvoice Yes Yes Yes
listinvoices Yes Yes Yes
listchannels Yes Yes No
listpayments Yes Yes No
describegraph Yes Yes No
getchaninfo Yes Yes No
getnodeinfo Yes Yes No
queryroutes Yes Yes No
getnetworkinfo Yes Yes No
debuglevel Yes No No
decodepayreq Yes Yes No
listchaintxns Yes Yes No
stop Yes No No
signmessage Yes n n
verifymessage Yes ? n
feereport Yes Yes No
updatechanpolicy Yes No No
fwdinghistory Yes Yes No
resetmc Yes No No
querymc Yes Yes No

Guide by robclark56, thanks!

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