Bonus Section: Bitcoin guides

Electrum servers


GUI - Desktop wallet

  • BitBoxApp - a beginner-friendly desktop wallet that pionneered hardware wallets support
  • Electrum Wallet Desktop - a feature-rich desktop wallet for power-users
  • Specter Desktop - a convenient and user-friendly GUI around Bitcoin Core with a focus on multisignature setup with hardware wallets and airgapped devices


  • Sparrow Terminal - a stripped down version of Sparrow that can be run on systems without displays

Blockchain explorers

  • Mempool - a self-hosted Bitcoin blockchain and mempool visualizer/explorer to preserve your privacy when looking up your transactions or checking the mempool for fee estimation


  • JoinMarket - a CoinJoin software, which allows you to increase privacy and fungibility of on-chain Bitcoin transactions and also get a little passive income from your bitcoins
  • JoinMarket webui (Jam) - a web interface for JoinMarket focusing on user-friendliness and ease-of-use
  • I2P - The Invisible Internet Protocol

  • Samourai Dojo - Personal backend for your Samourai Wallet

Decentralized exchange

  • Bisq - a decentralized exchange desktop app connected to your node to privately buy and sell non-KYC bitcoins


  • Safu Ninja - create resilient DIY metal backups of your seed phrases


  • Download the white paper - download the Bitcoin white paper directly from your blockchain data
  • UTXOracle - get the BTC/USD price from your own node without connecting to any external exchange


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