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Bonus guide: Sparrow Terminal

Sparrow Terminal is a stripped down version of Sparrow that can be run on systems without displays. It’s primarily intended as a configuration utility for running Sparrow as a server daemon

Difficulty: Medium

Status: Tested v3


Table of contents

  1. Installation
    1. Download Sparrow Server
    2. Configuration
  2. Run Sparrow
    1. Connect Sparrow to your backend (optional)
  3. For the Future: Sparrow Terminal update
  4. Uninstall
    1. Delete Sparrow


Download Sparrow Server

  • Download Sparrow Server and signatures into “/tmp” directory, which is cleared on the reboot.

    $ cd /tmp
    $ wget
    $ wget
    $ wget
  • Import keys that signed the release

    $ curl | gpg --import
  • Verify the release

    $ gpg --verify sparrow-1.7.1-manifest.txt.asc
    > gpg: assuming signed data in 'sparrow-1.7.1-manifest.txt'
    > gpg: Signature made Thu Nov 17 14:08:59 2022 GMT
    > gpg:                using RSA key D4D0D3202FC06849A257B38DE94618334C674B40
    > gpg: Good signature from "Craig Raw <>" [unknown]
    > gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
    > gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
    > Primary key fingerprint: D4D0 D320 2FC0 6849 A257  B38D E946 1833 4C67 4B40
    $ sha256sum --check sparrow-1.7.1-manifest.txt --ignore-missing
    > sparrow-server-1.7.1-aarch64.tar.gz: OK
  • If everything is correct, unpack Sparrow

    $ tar -xvf sparrow-server-1.7.1-aarch64.tar.gz


  • Create a new directory for Sparrow and move data files there

    $ sudo mkdir -p /opt/sparrow-terminal
    $ sudo mv /tmp/Sparrow/* /opt/sparrow-terminal
  • Add the Sparrow executable to your PATH by creating a symlink to it wihtin /usr/local/bin, which is already part of PATH.

    $ sudo ln -s /opt/sparrow-terminal/bin/Sparrow /usr/local/bin/Sparrow

Run Sparrow

  • You can run Sparrow with following command

    $ Sparrow


  • In “wallet” tab you can create or restore your wallet

Connect Sparrow to your backend (optional)

  • Open Sparrow Wallet

    $ Sparrow
  • Go to Preferences > Server > Private Electrum > Continue
  • Set values according to your Electrum Server implementation and test connection

    # For Electrs (default)
    Use SSL?: No
    # For Fulcrum 
    Use SSL?: Yes 
  • You are now connected to your own Electrum Server


For the Future: Sparrow Terminal update

  • Download and install Sparrow Terminal by following the installation section, you will overwrite several files.


Delete Sparrow

  • Delete Sparrow symlinks & directory

    $ sudo rm /usr/local/bin/Sparrow
    $ sudo rm -r /opt/sparrow-terminal

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