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Bonus guide: BitBoxApp

Difficulty: Easy

Status: Not tested v3


Table of contents

  1. Connect BitBoxApp
    1. General
    2. Tor

Connect BitBoxApp

The BitBoxApp is a beginner-friendly companion app to the BitBox02 hardware wallet by Shift Crypto.


On your regular computer, configure the BitBoxApp to use your RaspiBolt:

  • In the sidebar, select Settings > Connect your own full node
  • In the field “Enter the endpoint” enter the hostname or ip address and the port, e.g. raspibolt.local:50002
  • Click on “Download remote certificate”
  • Click “Check”, you should be prompted with the message “Successfully establised a connection”
  • Click “Add” to add your server to the list on the top
  • Remove the Shift servers to only connect to your own server


If you have Tor installed on your computer, you can access your RaspiBolt remotely over Tor.

  • In the sidebar, select Settings > Enable tor proxy
  • Enable it and confirm the proxy address (usually the default
  • When adding your RaspiBolt full node as described above, use your Tor address (e.g. gwdllz5g7vky2q4gr45zGuvopjzf33czreca3a3exosftx72ekppkuqd.onion:50002)

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